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Heal Her: Yoga, Dance, and Healing Retreat in Bali

November 3-9, 2019

Bali, Indonesia

Join us in paradise for a holistic healing arts retreat dedicated to uplifting women through the therapeutic medicine of movement, sisterhood and self-care. We invite you to immerse yourself in Bali -- Land of the Gods – as we utilize sacred tools to bring healing to your mind, body and heart.

Leave this retreat with a practice that will …

* Support your goals, dreams and desires

* Nurture a loving relationship with your body

* Heal ancestral wounds that affect your emotional and physical well-being

* Liberate yourself from self-doubt, fear, insecurities and anything you are ready to release

* Embody your strengths to increase confidence, creativity and assist you on your journey

Heal Her movement workshops led by Tatiana Zamir, yoga and dance classes led by Marina Magalhães, and intuitive readings with Dr. Zhaleh Boyd Phillips

limited spots available!

see HERE for more info & email to book your spot